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I remember something about Yellow Dog Linux, which was made for Macs. But I
guess any PowerPC-compatible distro would work. Fedora does not provides
PowerPC binaries, I guess. Maybe Debian.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

Yellow Dog (Red Hat 8 based) works, but it is kind of a waste because OpenOffice won't allow cut and paste. That put me off it for the most part, but other than that, it was fine on an iBook. They have a new version now, so perhaps that problem is cleared up. Mandrake also has a PPC version but I couldn't get it to even install on the iBook.


I know this sounds crazy but,

Dont know if anyone has tried this, but I got a hold of a 15" powerbook and wanna take off the OSX(never cared for it much) and slap linux on there. Is this even possible on a mac? Do the let you boot up a floppy or cdrom so I can format the drive?

Just and idea!

Dave Bachechi

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