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Pardon the question.

After searching for the reason why mysqld gives this error:

"Timeout error occurred trying to start MySQL Daemon."

only after the mysql root password is specified I found this bug on
bugzilla #108779.

Bug status is closed with the resolution reading RAWHIDE.

That doesn't tell me much. Ok I know the bug was fixed...and I know it's
in RAWHIDE but why hasn't this been fixed in an update for Fedora and
released so that yum update will correct the problem?

In the meantime I tried some of the examples listed in that bug report
and they did not work. What I did find that works is this:


if [ -n "`/usr/bin/mysqladmin ping 2> /dev/null`" ]; then


if [ -n "`/usr/bin/mysqladmin ping -u 2> /dev/null`" ]; then

on lines 42 and 48 (I think it was lines 42 and 48).

I found that if I type:

mysql -u root -p

and once logged in with my password type:

SELECT user, host, password FROM mysql.user;

I see that there is a user with no name and no password already there
besides the root user. 

mysql> SELECT user, host, password FROM mysql.user;
| user | host            | password         |
| root | localhost       | 91d5dek93805l97f |
| root | dev.local.lan	 | 91d5dek93805l97f |
|      | localhost       |                  |
|      | dev.local.lan   |                  |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

That is why I can use the "-u" in the modifications above without
specifying a mysql username (I think).

So did anyone else experience this? And is my workaround a good idea or


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