Re: Should you be worried about upgrading to FC1 [was various other threads]

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Am Freitag, 5. Dezember 2003 16:44 schrieb Karl DeBisschop:
> 2) The people who post to the list almost by definition have a problem.
> Most other users will be silent.

I'm one of the silent users without problems. In fact some things (ACPI) work 
much better than before.

> My only caution, if you upgrade instead of doing a clean install, list
> your RPMs chronologically by installtime and make sure you address any
> stale RPMs by removing or manually upgrading as appropriate. A useful
> command is:
>   rpm -qa --qf "${INSTALLTIME} %{NAME} %{VERSION} %{RELEASE}\n" \
>   | sort -r

Should be %{INSTALLTIME} instead of ${INSTALLTIME}

Thanks for this tip. How come that some RPMS are not updated?


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