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Em Ter, 2003-12-02 às 16:07, Smith, Herb escreveu:

> 1) I assume from the fray that RH 9 will be the last version available
> in that form from Red Hat itself....correct?

Well, for free yes. There's red hat workstation, shipped in boxes, sold
for +- us$ 100.

> 2) I currently have a RH 8 / Windows NT dual boot system.  I LOVE RH
> was a snap to install and I have had no issues with its
> performance on my Dell PC.  I was about to buy RH 9 due to the supposed
> improvements is working with Java applications and wondered if Fedora
> was a better course of action?  

Probably. Fedora is a direct evolution from rh9.

> 3) I have several 3rd party software packages...some free (nedit), some
> not free (QCAD..2D CAD program).  Are there any thoughts as to whether
> these should still run under Fedora, or would I have to wait for
> specific Fedora-compiled binaries of these applications? 

Almost as general rule, programs which run on rh9 run on fedora. Not all
hardware does this, though.

> 4) I downloaded the 3 iso images and got them onto CD's (after some
> pain...I had to put them on CD-RW disks using Roxio...they wouldn't go
> onto just CD-R disks).  So if I boot from the CD will the installation
> do an "update" over RH 8?  I noticed that there was a Gnome
> issue....anything else?  Are there any issues booting from a RW-type CD?

Didn't you read the ximian gnome issue? No, it's ok boot from rw. I did
this, in fact.

> 5) Am I getting onto thin ice here??  Given that my RH 8 system went on
> with such ease, can I expect Fedora to do the same? 

List you hardware... maybe we can say something.


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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