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On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 15:46, u235sentinel wrote:
> I'm looking at Fedora and may switch over to it sometime soon.  In the 
> meantime I'm runnint RedHat 9 with Nvidia Geforce 4 cards just fine.  
> I've asked this same question and have been told that Fedora should work 
> just fine with a GeForce 4 and the Nvidia driver.  I'm hoping someday to 
> test it out myself.
I switched from RH9 to Fedora and believe it was the right thing to do.
I have a GeForce something card but I'm using the open source drivers. 
Nothing I do really needs the extra abilities of the proprietary
drivers. Plus, I don't like the fact that every time a new kernel comes
out, you either wait for a new rpm or recompile it.  Just me.
> Being new to the list (signed up today) I'm curious what problems people 
> have run into.  If Fedora really is RedHat Linux in a new form then 
> there shouldn't be a problem.  I've used RedHat Linux for years with 
> GeForce cards from the 2 MX to the 4 FX.
Can can recommend strongly enough to search the archives for nVidia.  It
has been very well discussed.  If you are familiar with the process of
rebuilding the rpms for each new kernel and installing their proprietary
binaries that you should be in good shape.  
> >>From what I've seen on this list there's a lot of comments/problems with
> >nvidia graphics cards.... if I'm looking to buy a machine, should I avoid
> >
> >nvidia all together? And if so, what's a better choice?

The fedora-test-list had a thread on
video card recommendations.  Search on "best video boards for xfree86" 


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