daemontools failed compilation (what about qmail?)

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I'm trying to install dnscache thus starting with daemontools
As you can see from the output below svscan didn't get compiled.
Has anyone succeed in it and do you have any suggestion?

Also, I'm going to install qmail, have you succed in installing it on


[root@eaktion daemontools-0.76]# package/install
Linking ./src/* into ./compile...
Compiling everything in ./compile...
sh find-systype.sh > systype
rm -f compile
sh print-cc.sh > compile
chmod 555 compile
./compile byte_chr.c
./compile byte_copy.c
./compile byte_cr.c
./compile byte_diff.c
./compile byte_rchr.c
./compile fmt_uint.c
./compile fmt_uint0.c
./compile fmt_ulong.c
rm -f makelib
sh print-ar.sh > makelib
chmod 555 makelib
./compile scan_ulong.c
./compile str_chr.c
./compile str_diff.c
./compile str_len.c
./compile str_start.c
./makelib byte.a byte_chr.o byte_copy.o byte_cr.o byte_diff.o \
byte_rchr.o fmt_uint.o fmt_uint0.o fmt_ulong.o scan_ulong.o str_chr.o \
str_diff.o str_len.o str_start.o
rm -f choose
cat warn-auto.sh choose.sh \
| sed s}HOME}"`head -1 home`"}g \
> choose
chmod 555 choose
./choose c trydrent direntry.h1 direntry.h2 > direntry.h
./compile envdir.c
rm -f load
sh print-ld.sh > load
chmod 555 load
./compile alloc.c
./compile alloc_re.c
./compile buffer.c
./compile buffer_0.c
./compile buffer_1.c
./compile buffer_2.c
./compile buffer_get.c
./compile buffer_put.c
./compile buffer_read.c
./compile buffer_write.c
./compile coe.c
./compile env.c
./compile error.c
./compile error_str.c
./compile fd_copy.c
./compile fd_move.c
./choose cl trymkffo hasmkffo.h1 hasmkffo.h2 > hasmkffo.h
./compile fifo.c
./choose cl tryflock hasflock.h1 hasflock.h2 > hasflock.h
./compile lock_ex.c
./compile lock_exnb.c
./compile ndelay_off.c
./compile ndelay_on.c
./compile open_append.c
./compile open_read.c
./compile open_trunc.c
./compile open_write.c
./compile openreadclose.c
./compile pathexec_env.c
./compile pathexec_run.c
pathexec_run.c: In function `pathexec_run':
pathexec_run.c:18: warning: implicit declaration of function `execve'
./compile chkshsgr.c
chkshsgr.c: In function `main':
chkshsgr.c:10: warning: passing arg 2 of `getgroups' from incompatible
pointer type
chkshsgr.c:10: warning: implicit declaration of function `setgroups'
./load chkshsgr
./chkshsgr || ( cat warn-shsgr; exit 1 )
./choose clr tryshsgr hasshsgr.h1 hasshsgr.h2 > hasshsgr.h
./compile prot.c
prot.c: In function `prot_gid':
prot.c:13: warning: implicit declaration of function `setgroups'
prot.c:15: warning: implicit declaration of function `setgid'
prot.c: In function `prot_uid':
prot.c:20: warning: implicit declaration of function `setuid'
./compile readclose.c
./compile seek_set.c
seek_set.c: In function `seek_set':
seek_set.c:9: warning: implicit declaration of function `lseek'
./compile sgetopt.c
./compile sig.c
./choose cl trysgprm hassgprm.h1 hassgprm.h2 > hassgprm.h
./compile sig_block.c
./choose cl trysgact hassgact.h1 hassgact.h2 > hassgact.h
./compile sig_catch.c
./compile sig_pause.c
./compile stralloc_cat.c
./compile stralloc_catb.c
./compile stralloc_cats.c
./compile stralloc_eady.c
./compile stralloc_opyb.c
./compile stralloc_opys.c
./compile stralloc_pend.c
./compile strerr_die.c
./compile strerr_sys.c
./compile subgetopt.c
./choose cl trywaitp haswaitp.h1 haswaitp.h2 > haswaitp.h
./compile wait_nohang.c
./compile wait_pid.c
./makelib unix.a alloc.o alloc_re.o buffer.o buffer_0.o buffer_1.o \
buffer_2.o buffer_get.o buffer_put.o buffer_read.o buffer_write.o \
coe.o env.o error.o error_str.o fd_copy.o fd_move.o fifo.o lock_ex.o \
lock_exnb.o ndelay_off.o ndelay_on.o open_append.o open_read.o \
open_trunc.o open_write.o openreadclose.o pathexec_env.o \
pathexec_run.o prot.o readclose.o seek_set.o sgetopt.o sig.o \
sig_block.o sig_catch.o sig_pause.o stralloc_cat.o stralloc_catb.o \
stralloc_cats.o stralloc_eady.o stralloc_opyb.o stralloc_opys.o \
stralloc_pend.o strerr_die.o strerr_sys.o subgetopt.o wait_nohang.o \
./load envdir unix.a byte.a
envdir.o(.text+0xca): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `errno'
envdir.o(.text+0x1f9): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `errno'
unix.a(openreadclose.o)(.text+0x3b): In function `openreadclose':
: undefined reference to `errno'
unix.a(pathexec_run.o)(.text+0x10e): In function `pathexec_run':
: undefined reference to `errno'
unix.a(pathexec_run.o)(.text+0x152): In function `pathexec_run':
: undefined reference to `errno'
unix.a(readclose.o)(.text+0x63): more undefined references to `errno' follow
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [envdir] Error 1
Copying commands into ./command...
cp: cannot stat `compile/svscan': No such file or directory

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