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you probably could do a
if program ends then
send signal stop or term
then system run program

but i forgot if u can do another then


loop while program is runining = true then
do nothing
if = false then run signal term

then just put a program exec to start the program


hope this info is close to correct
im not too far into my student programming career lol

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 22:23, Don wrote:
This isn't fedora-specific...

I have an application that MUST run forever.... if it crashes, dies,
ends for any reason I want it to start again.

One exception, I want to be able to stop it with a kill term...

So, my solution is a very simple loop...

for (;1==1;) {
    #do some sort of logging to show command-to-run ended unexpectedly

If my loop program gets a sig term, I want to trap that, kill the child
process and then exit gracefully.

I can trap the signal, but how do I get the pid of the child process

I tried:
for (;1==1:)
   $newpid = fork;
   if ($newpid) {
	# parent...
	#log unexpected end of command-to-run
   } else {
	# child ...

but in that case $newpid is the pid of the child that issues "system"...
not the pid of "command-to-run". (expected... but not what I want/need.)

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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