Re: Solution to pine/pico install, dependency

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Matt Temple wrote:

Further, I believe that this is only an issue if there are functions in
the "real" that aren't in that are called by Pine and Pico.

Actually, it will be an issue if there are any missing symbols, or if the functions provided by take a different number of arguments, or arguments in a different order, or arguments which are pointers to different sized structures.

When so versions change, believe that the changes are incompatible, even if symbols actually resolve. Somewhere in there is a SEGV waiting to happen.

That being said, I've been using Pine/Pico ever since I got the Fedora release employing the link as described above with not-a-crash or
other problem.

Probably because you aren't doing any Kerberos authentication, so the functions in the library are never used.

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