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I've installed Fedora on 3 boxes; 2 "everything" installs that worked 
perfectly and 1"custom" install that is broken.

Problems on the "broken" box:

[1] The redhat admin tools don't run.

The programs are there, but they don't start. When run from the GUI 
(both gnome and kde), nothing shows up. When run from the command 
line, I get some text complaining about "xcdroast".

I'm not sure what other programs might not work. All the stuff I 
normally use seems to work fine, but I don't have a 
warm-fuzzy-feeling about the system.

[2] The RPM db is hosed.

In an attempt to fix the admin tools, I tried to reinstall them. First 
I did "rpm -e <tool-name>", which told me that <tool-name> was not 
installed. So I mounted the CD, and did "rpm -i <tool-name>", which 
told me that <tool-name> was already installed.

"rpm --rebuilddb" didn't fix the problem.

[3] Yum installs don't work.

I assume that this is caused by the broken RPM db. I tried "yum 
install k3b", which resulted in trying to download hundreds of files 
to satisfy the dependencies. I'm sure that these files were already 
installed. I built k3b from the tarball and it works fine.

I assume the next thing to do is to reinstall Fedora. But before I do, 
is these any information that I could collect and file with a 
Bugzilla report? I'm not sure what would be useful to someone looking 
at this problem.



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