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Chris Ricker said:
> On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, Stephen Smoogen wrote:
>> On 27 Aug 2003, Howard Owen wrote:
>> >On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 05:27, William Hooper wrote:

First off, please watch quoting.  I most certainly didn't say the
following lines.

>> >I think Red Hat should drop license fees for their WS product. The
>> >window of opportunity is open for Linux on the desktop, due to the
>> >maturation of the technology, Microsoft's gouging on licenses, and the
>> >lack of compelling new  technology upon which they can piggyback new
>> Sure and Red Hat can go belly up in 2 years because no-one is paying
>> them for all the work they do.
> I think people are saying they'd like a third option in between RHLP and
> RHEL WS, something where the desktop is long-lived (say, three years
> maintenance) but doesn't have bundled support.

It is my understanding that keeping multiple Errata trees for a long
period is the problem that making RHLP a short life cycle product is meant
to solve.  I imagine that many more dollars go into backporting patches
than into answering phones.

William Hooper

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