RedHat9 unable to print on W2k share.

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Hy guys!

I am about to loose my sanity. I have a notebook, which I carry between
work and home. At home I have a W2k Workstation which shares a HP840c
printer. This one works like a charme. No porblems.

At work however, I have a W2k machine sharing a Brother HL1030. I have no
chance of printing on this printer. All the other workstations (W2k) are
able to print on it.
I double checked share settings, username, passwords... you name it.

I can connect to the printer via smbclient manually by doing:

smbclient // -P -U klaus

But when I try to configure the printer with the gnome gui thing, I always
get the error:
unable to connect to samba host, retryin in 60 seconds...

I did set the logging of cups to debug, and attached the
/var/log/cups/error_log as a gzipped file to this eMail.

I hope somebody has some ideas.....

Thanks  in advance,

Attachment: error_log.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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