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Jakub Narebski wrote:
> Al Boldi <[email protected]> writes:
> > For example:
> >
> >   echo "// last comment on this file" >> /gitfs.mounted/file
> >
> > should do an implied checkpoint, and make these checkpoints immediately
> > visible under some checkpoint branch of the gitfs mounted dir.
> >
> > Note, this way the developer gets version control without even noticing,
> > and works completely transparent to any kind of application.
> Why not use versioning filesystem for that, for example ext3cow
> (which looks suprisingly git-like, when you take into account that
> for ext3cow history is linear and centralized, so one can use date
> or sequential number to name commits).
> See GitLinks page on Git Wiki, "Other links" section:

Sure, Linus mentioned the cow idea before in this thread, but you would still 
need a few hacks to get some basic Version Control features.  

> Version control system is all about WORKFLOW B, where programmer
> controls when it is time to commit (and in private repository he/she
> can then rewrite history to arrive at "Perfect patch series"[*1*]);
> something that for example CVS failed at, requiring programmer to do
> a merge if upstream has any changes when trying to commit.

Because WORKFLOW C is transparent, it won't affect other workflows.  So you 
could still use your normal WORKFLOW B in addition to WORKFLOW C, gaining an 
additional level of version control detail at no extra cost other than the 
git-engine scratch repository overhead.

BTW, is git efficient enough to handle WORKFLOW C?



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