Re: CFS scheduler, -v24, for v2.6.24-rc3-git3 / current git state

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> cool. Which scheduler are you comparing this to - v2.6.23-ish? Or
> CFS-v22?

compared to v22 & that of 2.6.23
cfs of v2.6.23 was quite "nice" with some great stuttering - dunno why
the best besides current was v19.1 or v19.2 (sound stuttering was a
little stronger I think but desktop "feeling" was definitely better
than v22 and that of 2.6.23)  if I recall right 2.6.21 + cfs backport
/ cfs patch

> which patches does "ck-patchset" carry at the moment? One would be
> swap-prefetch i guess, right?
the swap prefetch patch at least I think, I need to ask waninkoko,
he's maintaining the zen-sources git-repository

> thanks :)

Your welcome, linux needs improvement wherever it can get - until it's
the "best" OS out there  :)

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