Re: 2.6.24-rc3: find complains about /proc/net

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* Eric W. Biederman <[email protected]> wrote:

> > lr-x------  1 root root 64 Nov 20 18:03 3 -> /proc/net
> > ...
> Yes all of those are nasty.  So much for my clever way of implementing 
> these things.  Grr. Simple hacks that almost work!

btw., in case you feel inclined, i recently did some userspace coding 
and found to my surprise that /proc/self points to the parent task, not 
the thread itself (giving threads no real way to examine themselves). If 
you are hacking in this area, would it be a big trouble to add something 
like /proc/self-task/ or something like that? I had to use a raw gettid 
syscall to figure out the TID to get to /proc/*/tasks/TID/sched 
instrumentation info - which is quite a PITA.

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