Re: [PATCH 34/54] Driver Core: add kobj_attribute handling

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On Mon, 05 Nov 2007 18:25:40 +0100,
Kay Sievers <[email protected]> wrote:

> > > That should usually be done by default attributes assigned to the ktype.
> > > Do you have a good use case, where people need to create such attributes
> > > individually instead?
> > 
> > The s390 code that was converted to use kobj_attributes :)
> > 
> > These look very useful, I'll go add them to the series unless Kay really
> > objects.
> I just want to hear a good reason to create attributes individually. :)
> Especially in conjunction with kobject_register(), these attributes are
> not available at uevent time, which is really really bad.
> Default attributes just work fine, and have the proper error handling
> built-in. Offering special functions for it, may just encourage people
> to continue this "broken" way of creating attributes.

But where should I specify those default attributes?
kset_create_and_register() sets the ktype to kset_ktype...
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