Re: [2.6.23] IBM X41 looses time after Suspend2Disk

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On Monday, 29 October 2007 21:19, Philipp Matthias Hahn wrote:
> Hello Thomas, Pavel, Rafael!
> I have an IBM X41 tablet pc running 2.6.23 with the following problem:
> Suspend2Ram work fine, but when I do a Suspend2Disk (echo disk >
> /sys/power/state), the notebook hangs showing the following lines:
>         Stopping tasks ... done.
>         Shrinking memory... done (49361 pages freed)
>         Freed 197444 kbytes in 0.64 seconds (308.50 MB/s)
>         Suspending console(s)
> When I repeatedly press some keys or move the TrackPoint, the SwSusp
> continues and the notebook powers off.
> On reboot, the notebook resumes but hangs showing the following screen:
>         Stopping tasks ... done.
>         Loading image data pages (62483 pages) ... done
>         Read 249932 kbytes in 18.63 seconds (13.41 MB/s)
>         Suspending console(s)
> Generating interrupts by pressing keys or moving the TrackPoints makes
> the resume continue. But after that, the notebook looses time, xterms
> don't get updated until I press a key, the beeper beeps until I press a
> key, etc.
> Any idea what the problem might be?


> If you need more data, just ask.

Please try to do "echo shutdown > /sys/power/disk" before hibernation and
see what happens.

Also, is it an SMP kernel or UP?

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