Re: [BUG] Linux 2.6.23-rc9 and MAX_ARG_PAGES

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Thank you for getting back to me.

On Thu, Oct 04, 2007 at 10:27:52AM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> What does your "ulimit -s" say?

That's actually the first thing I checked.

mchouque - /usr/src/kernel/linux %ulimit -s

And for the record, ulimit -a yields:
-t: cpu time (seconds)         unlimited
-f: file size (blocks)         unlimited
-d: data seg size (kbytes)     unlimited
-s: stack size (kbytes)        unlimited
-c: core file size (blocks)    0
-m: resident set size (kbytes) unlimited
-u: processes                  16375
-n: file descriptors           1024
-l: locked-in-memory size (kb) 32
-v: address space (kb)         unlimited
-x: file locks                 unlimited
-i: pending signals            16375
-q: bytes in POSIX msg queues  819200
-N 13:                         0
-N 14:                         0

> I suspect that you might hit the code that limits execve() arguments to 
> one quarter of the maximum stack size.
> We could change that from 25% to something else (half? three quarters?), 
> but if you really are hitting that limit, it sounds like you may have a 
> really small stack size to begin with (ie if 25% is smaller than the old 
> argument size limit of 128kB, you're running with a stack limit of less 
> than half a meg, which sounds pretty dang small).
> So I'd like to verify that the stack limit really is the issue, and not 
> something else.

Anything else you'd like me to try?

Mathieu Chouquet-Stringer                           [email protected]
            The sun itself sees not till heaven clears.
	             -- William Shakespeare --
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