RE: CPU usage for 10Gbps UDP transfers

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> Hello,
> is it expected that application sending 8900bytes datagram
> through 10Gbps NIC
> utilizes CPU to 100% and similarly the receiver also utilizes CPU to 100%.
> Is it something wrong or this is quite OK?
> (The box is dual single core Opteron 2.4GHz with Myricom 10GE NIC.)

It's extremely hard to understand what it is that you're saying. Perhaps if
I explain the two things I first thought when you posted this, it will
explain why your post is vague:

1) *Any* task will use the CPU to 100% while it's running. Even if you ask
the computer to add 1 to 1, while it's doing that add for you, the task is
using 100% of the CPU.

2) If you ask the CPU to do any task over and over again as quickly as it
can, and it has nothing else to do, that task will get 100% of the CPU?

So what are you really asking?


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