Re: [-mm patch] make types.h usable for non-gcc C parsers

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> It fixes a bug exposed by a -mm only patch, not by the net tree
> (and 2.6.23-rc3-mm1 doesn't contain the net tree at all).
> > But I'd like a better description, please.  Which "non-gcc parser" are we
> > talking about here?  Something under ./scripts/.  Well, please identify it,
> > and describe what the problem is, and how the proposed patch will address
> > it.
> >...
> It's about parsers like the Sun C compiler and the C parser shipped 
> with genksyms.

So it is about two bugs.
1) kbuild (genksyms) fails to generate CRC for some symbols
2) allow userspace to parse the header

As for 2 we already use sed to remove a lot of stuff in our headers
so why do we use another approach here?

As for 1 I will try to teach genksyms to accept __extension__ but
it seems leess trivial than I expected (most be fooling myself somehow).

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