Re: [PATCH 00/23] per device dirty throttling -v8

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El Sat, 4 Aug 2007 19:38:01 +0200, Diego Calleja <[email protected]> escribió:

> Mmmh, "mount -o remount,noatime /" seems to Work For Me in Ubuntu
> with util-linux/mount "2.12r-17ubuntu"...but then Google says [1] that
> Ubuntu has been shipping with relatime enabled as default for months,

Obviously, i meant "noatime"...(so it's unlikely that ubuntu has patched
anything to support relatime - it's not reflected in the changelogs at least)

> so it's probably patched (probably only in the kernel). So maybe upstream
> util-linux hasn't merged the relatime patch.
> [1]:
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