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On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 00:24:07 +0800, leo wrote:
> Here is the helper process I propose to help more people to participate. 
>   Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

I think this seems mostly good. I will try to comment a bit.

> 1) Developer who can't speak English or has a problem going through the 

I think early stage of developer may have "difficulty of using
English". I think this may better than "can't speak".

> submission process sends patches to the Language maintainer and cc the 
> local mail list provided.
> 2) Language maintainer and experienced Linux developer on the local mail 
> list can review the patch and give comments in native language.

In the review process, translated document of HOWTO,
SubmittingPatches, CodingStyle and SummitChecklist are used in the
local mail list.

> 3) When the language maintainer thinks the patch is good in general, he 
> will pass the patch onto corresponding subsystem maintainer and mail 
> list for further review, cc the author and local list.
> 4) The author communicates directly with the community.
> 5) If the author has a problem understanding the comments or expressing 
> himself in English, he can ask for help in native language on the local 
> list.  The language maintainer and the developers on the list are 
> responsible to help out.
> 6) When the developer gets familiar with the submission process and can 
> go through it with no problem, he can then submit patch directly without 
> the helper process and probably join the mail list to help other new 
> developer.
> - Leo
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