Re: [PATCH 1/12] drivers/isdn/hisax/avm_pci.c: replace pci_find_device with pci_get_device

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On Sun, 2007-07-15 at 03:40 -0400, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> To be more clear, your solution is incorrect unless the pci_dev_put() 
> occurs after the last reference to hw.{elsa,diva,hfc,njet,...}.dev, 
> which is where the HiSax ISDN drivers store their reference to struct 
> pci_dev during the runtime life of the PCI device.
> Am I missing where your patch does this?
It is really missing :-(
> By way of further interest, a few hours _before_ (yes, really) I saw 
> your patches, I resumed converting the ISDN HiSax PCI drivers to use the 
> PCI driver API.  You can find this work in 
> git://
> If you fix your patches' lifetime problems, I will ACK them myself, 
> since my effort is a spare time effort.  But just wanted you to be aware 
> that I am deep into the code you are fixing, and can at least speak 
> somewhat knowledgeably on the specific lines of code you are changing.
I can see the bug. Thanks for updating me. I really missed the point
that these whole set of drivers are a part of hisax.ko...

most of the initialization is done in hisax/config.c
Now are you suggesting that we should have a pci_dev_put in config.c
where you have the module_exit.

I am not sure where I can call the dev_put.
consider hisax/avm_pci.c  

in which if we have a code like the below
dev_avm = pci_get_device(PCI_VENDOR_ID_AVM,
		PCI_DEVICE_ID_AVM_A1,  dev_avm))) {

dev_avm is getting initialized in this file 
static struct pci_dev *dev_avm __devinitdata = NULL;

so can I do an
extern static struct pci_dev *dev_avm; 
in the config.c 

and call pci_dev_put(dev_avm) in config.c file's module_exit or
whereever there is an error return?

> 	Jeff
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