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On 5/30/07, Salyzyn, Mark <[email protected]> wrote:
Vivek Goyal [mailto:[email protected]] writes:
> So most likely if we start disabling the interrupts
> in .shutdown routine we might skip resetting adapter
> on every kexec without any side affects?

Not that simple. The .shutdown would need to perform more resource
cleanups of the .remove call to prevent side effects. I need to move
some of the .remove activity into the .shutdown handler to make sure the
adapter is quiesced.

I will hold off on submitting any of these changes until they are
evaluated and tested; I am waiting for feedback from Yinghai on the
other mitigations that I feel are closer to the root cause.

1. [SCSI] aacraid: superfluous adapter reset for IBM 8 series
ServeRAID controllers
2. [SCSI] aacraid: kexec fix (reset interrupt handler)
3. aacraid_commit_reset.patch
4. [PATCH] aacraid: fix shutdown handler to also disable interrupts

the kernel with this patch -4  and even without 1, 2, 3

can load other kernel with or without patch 1,2,3

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