Re: [RFC][PATCH -mm 3/3] PM: Disable _request_firmware before hibernation/suspend

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On 28 May 2007, at 10:06, Kay Sievers wrote:

The underlying issue are the driver authors, that's not so easy to
fix. :)
Sorry, I know this maybe be unintentional, but comments like this
make me somewhat angry.
If there is no decent documentation as to how to do it the right way
(tm), how do you expect people to do it the right way (tm)?
Any timeout for a
firmware-request is just a broken concept, the request should wait
forever, to be fulfilled or canceled from userspace when it's ready.
What I wrote above is especially true when the in-kernel APIs
themselves do things the wrong way (tm) themselves. Thus, even more
thought is required to work around this imperfect behaviour in a sane
manner. And without documentation, every single device driver author
has to go through this thought process themselves. Unsurprisingly,
they often get it wrong. But as there's no decent documentation to do
it right, it's *not* their fault. I'd suggest it's more the fault of
the core kernel devs who fail to fix up a questionable firmware
loading interface, then fail to document how to work around its
Again, apologies if this sounds angry, I don't want to start an
argument. But as someone just starting out here, this kind of thing
can be very frustrating, as even with the best will in the world,
achieving the right way (tm) is basically impossible if those in the
know about what the right way (tm) is fail to share this information.
Michael-Luke Jones

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