Re: [patch] x86_64: fix sched_clock()

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* Andi Kleen <[email protected]> wrote:

> It's done slightly differently now due to conflicting earlier changes, 
> but the end result should be about what you intended.  You're also 
> still credited in the cleanup patch of course.

you totally misunderstood me. My problem isnt credit. I've got enough 
credit for a lifetime ;-) I'd be equally upset if this happened with 
someone else's patches (in fact i'd be _more_ upset about it, because 
then i'd also be worried about us losing a contributor).

My problem is that (and this might just be an issue of communication) 
you often appear as treating the x86_64 code as 'your code' instead of 
treating it as 'our code'. Dropping part of my patch, not even telling 
whether you took the patches or not, not reacting to patches in a 
positive way are all external signs of that.

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