Re: [2.6 patch] net/llc/llc_conn.c: fix possible NULL dereference

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Eugene Teo <[email protected]> wrote:
> diff --git a/net/llc/llc_conn.c b/net/llc/llc_conn.c
> index 3b8cfbe..28a3994 100644
> --- a/net/llc/llc_conn.c
> +++ b/net/llc/llc_conn.c
> @@ -323,7 +323,8 @@ int llc_conn_remove_acked_pdus(struct sock *sk, u8 nr, u16
> *how_many_unacked)
>        if (!q_len)
>                goto out;
> -       skb = skb_peek(&llc->pdu_unack_q);
> +       if (! (skb = skb_peek(&llc->pdu_unack_q)))
> +               goto out;

Actually we just checked that the queue length is non-zero so there
must be a packet there unless someone's just removed it.  If it were
possible for someone else to remove it in parallel, then we've got
bigger problems to worry about :)

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