Re: 2.6.22-rc1-mm1 [cannot change thermal trip points]

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Le 05/16/2007 07:47 PM, Chuck Ebbert a déclaré :

> Gitweb:;a=commit;h=11ccc0f249cb01a129f54760b8ff087f242935d4
> Commit:     11ccc0f249cb01a129f54760b8ff087f242935d4
> Parent:     de46c33745f5e2ad594c72f2cf5f490861b16ce1
> Author:     Len Brown <[email protected]>
> AuthorDate: Mon Apr 30 22:36:01 2007 -0400
> Committer:  Len Brown <[email protected]>
> CommitDate: Mon Apr 30 22:36:01 2007 -0400
>     ACPI: thermal trip points are read-only

Should one understand that it IS a wanted behaviour ?

Isn't it the DSDT job (which is kernel-accessible, or isn't it ?) to
communicate trip_points to ACPI thermal zone ?

Isn't OSPM managing thermal zone ?


PS : Sorry for all these (maybe stupid) questions, but I think I
remember that changing trip_points had an effect on a (DSDT-bugged)
laptop I used to use, and I'd like to understand...

PPS : Sorry also for the english mistakes or approximations...

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