Re: so ... what *are* candidates for removal?

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On Tue, 01 May 2007 17:30:36 +0200, Andre Tomt said:
> Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> >

> Already documented in the kernel tarball, see 
> Documentation/feature-removal-schedule.txt

Robert's point is that the file you cited is horrendously out of date, and
we need to create a consensus of what *should* be in feature-removal-schedule.txt
so we can update it to correspond to some sort of reality, or at the very least
some politically correct sanitized view of reality. It currently lists
stuff scheduled to be removed 18 months ago, and doesn't list stuff that
everybody agrees deserves to be heaved over the side as soon as the users have
had "enough warning" (whatever that means)....

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