Re: scary messages: HSM violation during boot of 2.6.18/amd64

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[email protected] wrote:


And I *am* passing '-d ata' - /etc/smartd.conf contains:

/dev/sda -a -d ata -o on -S on -m root -l error -l selftest -s (S/../.././(00|06|12|18)|L/../.././03|O/../.././.[02468])

(Testing with removing '-d ata' results in smartd saying it can't talk to the
scsi device at /dev/sda).

Any ideas/suggestions?
You use old smartmontools :)

-o on / -S on is not supported for sata, unless you use a CVS version of smartmontools.
For more info, check smartmontools-support mailing list.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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