Re: [PATCH 32/33] x86_64: Relocatable kernel support

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"Yinghai Lu" <[email protected]> writes:

> On 8/1/06, Eric W. Biederman <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I guess I could take this in some slightly smaller steps.
>> But this does wind up with decompressor being 64bit code.
> Sorry to bring out the old mail.
> except reusing the uncompressor in 32bit, is there any reason that you
> removed startup_32 for vmlinux but keep startup_32 for bzImage?
> that will make vmlinux use 64bit boot loader only.

If you are booting a vmlinux you read the ELF header.  The ELF header
only describes the native mode.  Therefore no 32bit entry makes much sense.

bzImage is something else entirely.


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