Re: ipw3945?

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dragoran wrote:
> It seems that the development of the driver has stopped since july,
> maybe because it never will get merged and intel decided to stop working
> on it?

Development hasn't stopped, I'm just a slacker ;).  I was away from work
for a while, and on return I was sucked into various issues that have
now (hopefully) all been resolved (or routed to /dev/null).

We have several patches that have backed up in our bug database
( and click on 'tested patches') that I'll be
pushing to our GIT tree as well as releasing a new snapshot to SF.

We've also been working on some new code internally we're putting
through some testing before we push out.  Expect some good things in the
coming weeks.

> If this is true it could mean that feature intel wlan chips will end up
> with no linux drivers :(

We do what we can internally to ensure that is never the case.

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