Would SSI clustering extensions be of interest to kernel community?

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I have implemented SSI (single system image) clustering extensions to Linux kernel in the form of a loadable module.

It roughly mimics OpenMosix model of deputy/remote split (migrated processes leave a stub on the node where they were born and depend on the "home" node for IO).

The implementation shares no code with Mosix/Open Mosix (was written from scratch), is much smaller, and is easily portable to multiple architectures.

We are considering publication of this code and forming an open source project around it.

I have two questions to the community:

1) Is community interested in using this code? Do users require SSI product in the era when everybody is talking about partitioning of machines and not clustering? 2) Are kernel maintainers interested in clustering extensions to Linux kernel? Do they see any value in them? (Our code does not require kernel changes, but we are willing to submit it for inclusion if there is interest.)

Please CC me and the list when replying.

Constantine Gavrilov
Kernel Developer
Qlusters Software Ltd
1 Azrieli Center, Tel-Aviv
Phone: +972-3-6081977
Fax:   +972-3-6081841

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