Re: SATA status reports update

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Am Freitag 29 September 2006 12:03 schrieb Jeff Garzik:
> Prakash Punnoor wrote:
> > Well, how would one debug it w/o hw docs? Or is it possible to compare
> > the patch with a working driver for another chipset?
> Well, it is based off of the standard ADMA[1] specification, albeit with
> modifications.  There is pdc_adma.c, which is also based off ADMA.  And
> the author (from NVIDIA) claims that the driver worked at one time, so
> maybe it is simply bit rot that broke the driver.

Well, I tried to hack the patch into 2.6.18 driver, but wasn't very 
successful. It migt be also due to the case that I have a MCP51 chipset and 
if I read the patch correctly it isn't designed  to activate ADMA on MCP51. 
Do you know whether MCP51 knows ADMA? If not, how is NCQ to be activated on 
MCP51? According to and windows user reports MCP51 does know NCQ.

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