Re: SATA status reports update

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Robert Hancock wrote:
Jeff Garzik wrote:
Prakash Punnoor wrote:
Well, how would one debug it w/o hw docs? Or is it possible to compare the patch with a working driver for another chipset?
Well, it is based off of the standard ADMA[1] specification, albeit
with modifications. There is pdc_adma.c, which is also based off
ADMA. And the author (from NVIDIA) claims that the driver worked at
one time, so maybe it is simply bit rot that broke the driver.
If I knew the answer, it would be fixed, so the best answer
unfortunately is "who knows".
I wish I had the time. But I also wish I had a team of programmers
working on libata, too ;-)
Do you know exactly what is allegedly broken in that version? I see that
there are some functions which are just "TODO"..
I just know it was a working driver at one time.


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