Re: [PATCH] Linux Kernel Markers 0.11 for 2.6.17

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* Jeremy Fitzhardinge ([email protected]) wrote:
> If you're going to put different types in the .markers section 
> (presumably per-architecture, rather than different types for within one 
> architecture) you should probably also define a structure in the same 
> place, if nothing

For now, I only expect two kinds of structures :

One for the architectures which implements the MARK_JUMP optimisation and one
where they don't. Does it make sense to assume that each architecture will offer
the possibility to write a 1 byte offset calculated from the difference between
two addresses ? If not, then, it can be useful to think of a per archtecture
structure, but module.c shall be modified accordingly too. So for now, I would
stay with only one definition in linux/marker.h and if we see the need for it,
we can put the structures in asm-*/marker.h and adapt module.c per architecture
accordingly (probably by using a macro).


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