Re: Touchpad problems with latest kernels

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To all concerned,

thank you for your assistance. I sent the previous message concerning my touchpad in order to provide some feedback for the developers of the drivers.

What kind of touchpad is this?
A Synaptics PS/2 Port Touchpad. The driver is "synaptics", according to hwbrowser.

Can you please try vanilla kernels from
Regrettably, no.

Though I am the most technologically minded person I know, I am still many years from being a linux guru and should be considered a linux newbie. Compiling my own vanilla kernel is still beyond my scope as a linux user. I use the precompiled .rpm kernels provided on the fedora download website.

Secondly, as I like to upgrade my kernel as often as possible in order to recieve the latest drivers for all my hardware, frequently compiling my own kernels compared to simply installing a ready made one would be too much of a burden upon my time.

Can you please try vanilla kernels from
...Have I emailed the wrong address though? Should I have contacted someone at redhat / working on the fedora project???

In earlier kernels the issue _seemed_ to lessen if booting with i8042.nomux
Are you sure about this? I mean, I wasn't having any problem at all with the 2054 kernel (sorry to use the fedora-kernel indexing system again). It worked great.

Unless someone establishes a contact with people at Synaptics or
disassembles the win driver, linux will stay with the loony tunes...
But the driver was ok for the 2054 kernel. Can't the driver for my touchpad be rolled back to the 2054 driver until this is fixed? Right now the onscreen pointer is practically unusuable when I so much as open a konqueror window. It frequently freezes on screen for many seconds. (When I said it was jerky, I don't mean that it pings around all over the screen).

As I mentioned above, I only wished to alert somebody to the fact that support for my touchpad was actually getting *worse*; this shouldn't really happen.

(I'd stick with the older kernel except that the newer ones have the support for my bcm43xx wireless card, which though still quite temperamental, I need.)

Thank you,

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