Re: [PATCH] fuse: fix error case in fuse_readpages

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On Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:57:22 +0200
Miklos Szeredi <[email protected]> wrote:

> Thanks Alex.
> -mm also needs s/page_cache_release/read_cache_pages_release_page/ on patch
> --
> From: Alexander Zarochentsev <[email protected]>
> Don't let fuse_readpages leave the @pages list not empty when exiting
> on error.

hm, OK.

> +extern void readpages_cleanup_helper(struct list_head *);

Can we think of a better name?  I mean, all it does is throw away a list of
pages.  The caller doesn't _have_ to be using it within the context of
read_cache_pages().  put_pages()?  put_pages_list()?

And if we do make this a more generic thing, it'd be better off living in
mm/swap.c, which is really mm/mm-library-stuff.c nowadays.

>  /**
> + * may be useful in foo_fs_readpages method for the page pool cleanup
> + * before exiting on error.
> + */

"/**" introduces a kerneldoc comment, but that isn't a kerneldoc comment.
It would be best to turn it into a kerneldoc comment.

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