Re: suspend/hibernate to work on thinkpad x60s?

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I have S3 suspend/resume working here on a TP T60.  Many caveats:

* I'm using Ubuntu's 2.6.15-25-386 kernel.
* it's a UP kernel so I'm not using the second core
* I had to tell it to unload and load ipw3945 (or else that module
  became useless).
* I had to tell acpid to trigger /etc/acpi/ (it was running when fn-F4 was pressed, or just run directly.

Ubuntu's kernel probably has a bunch of patches to make SATA/AHCI work
and who knows what else.  But it means that the DSDT etc. are at least
half decent (not always true with my earlier thinkpads).

I'm hoping that some debugging will get SMP suspend/resume working as
well.  So far though I've not had any luck getting a 2.6.18-rc1 SMP
kernel to suspend (never mind resume).  I did have to enable
hotpluggable CPU's to get past the 'write error' when echoing 'mem' to
/sys/power/state.  Then I get lockdep errors and a failure to stop
tasks, which I reported to lkml and linux-acpi a few days ago.


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