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Op maandag 10 juli 2006 05:08, schreef Con Kolivas:
> I see the merge window closed and swap prefetch got bypassed again. I'd
> like to believe it was an oversight but far more likely that Andrew remains
> undecided about whether it should go in or not.
> No bug reports have come from it in 6 months, the code has remained
> unchanged for 3 months, it is as unobtrusive as a driver that is not
> compiled in when !CONFIGed and there are numerous reports from satisfied
> users (even ones that made it to the scary grounds of lkml). The only thing
> that happens is Nick keeps threatening to review it over and over and over
> and....
> I'm not sure what else needs to happen?

That's what I wonder about. What exactly are the criteria for getting 
something in the kernel? People who want it, and someone willing to maintain 
it are part of it, I guess... Good design? The Right Thing, The Right Way?

Now I wouldn't say Andrew is 'nobody', and if he objects, that's something for 
sure. But he doesn't even object (do you?).

I like swap prefetch, and it works for me. I can patch it in myself, so its 
not all that important to me. And its just a small thing. But many small 


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