Re: how to access pci memory from driver?

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[email protected] wrote:
hi steve,
that's another thing i forgot to mention. lspci doesn't show anything.
so it seems that there's no pci device. but the fact that cat
/proc/iomem shows
0x60000000-0x67ffffff : PCI1 host bridge, does this mean that the my
device which is supposed to be at 0x60040000 is mapped to I/O space??
the lease significant bit of bar0 is indeed 0.

the linux is running on ppc platform. we had to modify the u-boot in
order to load linux on our system. so i am not sure if we have
performed the necessary steps to be able to map our pci device.

for one thing, we are not registering any of our pci devices when uboot
linux.  we are going to use our driver to read and write to the pci
can we still map to the device eventhough it is not registered?
I don't know PPC, but if your device doesn't even show up in lspci then
you have bigger problems than your driver, either with the device, the
machine hardware or the kernel's PCI detection.
Robert Hancock      Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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