Re: sched_clock() uses are broken

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On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 14:46 +1000, Nick Piggin wrote:
> It should either get ripped out, or perhaps converted to use jiffies
> until a sane high resolution, low overhead scheme is developed (if
> ever). And that would exclude something that does this accounting in
> fastpaths for the 99.99% of processes that never use it.

The accounting is really light compared to the interactivity part.  That
doesn't need to be in the fast path, and in my tree it isn't.

FWIW (0), yy tree is missing every last shred of the interactivity code,
and not missing it one bit.

[root@Homer]:> diffstat xx
 sched.c |  480
 1 files changed, 219 insertions(+), 261 deletions(-)

And that's with full throttling, and absolute starvation proofing.

Ho hum.  Back to work on my never-going-anywhere-but-fun tree :)


	-Mike (shutting the hell up now;)

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