Re: make O="<dir>" install; output not relocated;

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On Thu, 2006-04-27 23:34:37 -0700, Linda Walsh <[email protected]> wrote:
> From "make help", the "O=" param to make is said to
>  'Locate all output files in "dir", including .config'
> I first did:
>    "make O=$PWD/root bzImage modules"   # (Note: PWD=/usr/src/ast-261611)
> Instead, it appears the "O=" parameter is _partially_ ignored.

> ishtar:/usr/src/ast-261611> make V=1 O=$PWD/root modules_install

The  modules_install  target uses O= for its _input_ files (that is,
for the readily compiled modules) and outputs to
$(INSTALL_MOD_PATH)/lib/modules/$VERSION/ .  So you may want to set
$(INSTALL_MOD_PATH) in the same way as you've set V= or O= before.

If you're trying to prepare something to be copied over to a target
system, the tar-pkg, targz-pkg and tarbz2-pkg targets may be exactly
what you're searching for.

>    Is this a bug or a feature?  I.e. is the "make help" misleading in

Feature. Modules won't ever be searched inside some kernel source
directory, modprobe expects them to be in /lib/modules/.

> saying "O=<dir>" can be used to specify the output directory of a
> make run?  Or should this be working?

It's maybe a bit misleading, but `modules_install' isn't a compilation
run, it's an installation run. O= was ment to hold all
compiled/generated objects, but to have a working installation, you
need to break out of that (or have INSTALL_MOD_PATH set.)


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