Re: make O="<dir>" install; output not relocated;

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Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:
The  modules_install  target uses O= for its _input_ files (that is,
for the readily compiled modules) and outputs to
$(INSTALL_MOD_PATH)/lib/modules/$VERSION/ .  So you may want to set
$(INSTALL_MOD_PATH) in the same way as you've set V= or O= before.

If you're trying to prepare something to be copied over to a target
system, the tar-pkg, targz-pkg and tarbz2-pkg targets may be exactly
what you're searching for.
Quite possibly. What about an installed kernel (apart from the
modules)?  Will the kernel image and map, etc, get installed into
the "INSTALL_MOD_PATH" as well?  It doesn't sound, intuitively,
to be so from the environment variable name.
It's maybe a bit misleading, but `modules_install' isn't a compilation
run, it's an installation run. O= was ment to hold all
compiled/generated objects, but to have a working installation, you
need to break out of that (or have INSTALL_MOD_PATH set.)
   Fair enough, but I'm more interested in where to specify
the target location of the installed kernel and as
I don't always have modules for a generated kernel, but usually
(near 100% :-)) have an installable kernel image.  For development,
I could see it being useful to mount the target system's root in
a local directory (like /mnt), then have the kernel build install
to a target root of "/mnt".


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