Possible MTD bug in 2.6.15

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> > > Ok, a couple of comments/questions
> > >
> > > 1 - Wouldn't it be better to map all flash, and leave the unneeded
> > > part as read only?
> In general, yes.  But this should either be enforced somewhere nicer
> (ie, die gracefully) so the kernel doesn't panic later, or be allowed
> as in my patch.

The fundamental problem there seems to be a mismatch between what is
set by the user and what is read from the flash chip. As you mention
in your first message, (what it came across is that) you don't have
(physical / electrical) access to all the flash; not something I would
recommend (that is, having limited electrical connection to the flash)

As for the options you propose - enforce and die gracefully (that is,
if there is a size mismatch, warning and purposely not working) seems
more correct than the second option.
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