Re: [RFD][PATCH] typhoon and core sample for folding away VLAN stuff

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On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 11:38 +0300, Denis Vlasenko wrote:
> On Thursday 13 April 2006 04:24, Dave Dillow wrote:
> > Regardless, I remain opposed to this particular instance of bloat 
> > busting. While both patches have improved in style, they remove a useful 
> > feature and make the code less clean, for no net gain.
> What happened to non-modular build? "no net gain" is not true.

Ok, so you saved what, 200 bytes? On a few drivers that may save you a
small amount -- you basically said you had to have everything loaded to
see 5K.

Weren't most of those savings from moving a big function out-of-line?
The part I agree with?
> > > This kind of changes are important, because bloat creeps in byte by byte
> > > of unused features. So I really appreciate your work here Denis.
> > 
> > On SMP FC4, typhoon.ko has a text size of 68330, so you need to cut 2794 
> > bytes to see an actual difference in memory usage for a module. Non-SMP 
> > it is 67741, so there you only need to cut 2205 bytes to get a win.
> This is silly. Should I go this route and try a dozen of different gcc
> versions and "-O2 versus -Os" things to demonstrate that sometimes
> it will matter?

Quit being dense. No one has said that there are cases will it make a
difference, just that that case is far removed from the usual case.

I think I'm done on this topic. You've got more important people to
convince than me, and they've already clear stated their position.
Dave Dillow <[email protected]>

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