Re: [PATCH][INCOMPLETE] sata_nv: merge ADMA support

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On Mon, Mar 20, 2006 at 08:28:13PM -0500, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Thanks a lot for testing.
> I've stored the sata_nv updates I sent you in the 'nv-adma' branch of
> git://
OK, I'll pull from there for further testing.
> Dumb question, to be certain that I understood your first paragraph: 
> you do indeed see at least -some- success talking to devices on port 1, 
> 2, 3... ?  i.e. not just port 0 works?
I can start up the RAID1's on ports 2 and 3, activate the VG on top
of /dev/md5, mount the filesystems, and use them.  I was able to
cp -a the mounted root filesystem from /dev/md2 to a subdir on /dev/sda1.

It was only when I started up a few copies of "tar cf /dev/zero ... &"
that the timeouts began.

> Weird.  Well, now that we appear to have narrowed the non-ADMA case down 
> to inb(), I'm going to punt this one as not-my-problem ;-)
Roger.  I'll stare at it a bit longer, but I probably need to order three
SATA adapters.  Any recommendations?  These Tyan 2895 machines all have
2-4 74GB WD Raptors in them.  I don't really need expensive 3ware or
Areca cards for these workstations, just reasonable latencies.


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