Re: 2.6.16-rc5: known regressions [TP 600X S3, vanilla DSDT]

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By the way, I wonder if this problem is the same as
<>, about S3 hangs with
kernel pre-empts enabled.

> How about re-testing dummy _PSV and dummy _AC0 in DSDT?

I'll do that.  It's the one data point that I'm not sure about.  With
dummy _PSV, it hangs, though it takes a bit of stressing it before it
hangs.  But with dummy _PSV and dummy _AC0, I could not make it hang.
I tried it twice, each time stressing it as much as I could (about 10
or so cycles, with thermal polling thrown in as well as module loading
and unloading).  Even though it didn't hang, it did get *very*
sluggish at times, and once woke up with load=8.2 even though no
processes were running.  Lots of ACPI threads?

I'll test it just with, no thermal polling.  Maybe also with
loading and unloading thermal.ko.

> How about just faking _TMP in DSDT. I'm sure you have done this
> before.

This one I've tried, and it worked fine (no hang).  I tested it for a
while and then retested it.  It also works fine if I take out just the
EC0.UPDT line in _TMP (with AC0 already taken out).


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