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On Tue, 7 Mar 2006, Chuck Ebbert wrote:
> [2] The snprintf() and print_modalias() calls don't check for errors and
> thus don't return -ENOMEM when the buffer does fill up.  Shouldn't they
> do that instead of returning a truncated env string?

They try to act like the standard says "snprintf()" should act.

And yes, the standard says to return the number of bytes you _would_ have
written, had not the buffer been to small.

(Of course, giving a negative buffer length is not ok, and the kernel 
version checking for that is a kernel extension on the standard. In the 
standard, the buffer size is a "size_t", which doesn't have the notion of 
"negative", since it's an unsigned type. The kernel version is just being 
safe and nice).

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