[RFC][PATCH 1/7] VPIDs: add VPID config option

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Add CONFIG_VIRTUAL_PIDS config option. Too simple one.

--- ./init/Kconfig.vpid_conf	2006-02-02 14:15:35.145785768 +0300
+++ ./init/Kconfig	2006-02-02 14:31:22.904704512 +0300
@@ -316,6 +316,15 @@ config PRINTK
 	  very difficult to diagnose system problems, saying N here is
 	  strongly discouraged.
+	default n
+	bool "Enable virtual pids support"
+	help
+	  This option turns on process' ids virtualisation. Each
+	  task has two types of pids assigned - system and virtual.
+	  The latter is the one visible to user-space. When off
+	  virtual pid is always equal to system one.
 config BUG
 	bool "BUG() support" if EMBEDDED
 	default y

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