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> > Any technical reasons why suspend modules shouldn't be in userspace? I
> > can understand that you're not keen on redoing them but that's not an
> > argument for inclusion in the mainline.
> They're using cryptoapi to do the compression and encryption, and bio to do 
> the I/O. Moving this to userspace will add extra complexity and of course 

You are mostly using LZW, not supported by cryptoapi, anyway.

> slow down the process.

Slowdown will not be measurable, syscalls are cheap.

> Shouldn't the question be "Why are we making this more complicated by moving 
> it to userspace?"

Because thats how the kernel works. We do not put random stuff into
kernel because someone happened to code it for kernelspace first. It
helps us with long-term sanity.
Thanks, Sharp!
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